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10 March 2007 @ 04:36 pm
Lovin' exams.  
Well, okay, maybe it might not be the most ethical, aesthetical, practical, whatever it is to write something that is equivalent to Loving Wrath or Loving calamity/catastrophe. Its just my way of dealing with mental oppression, mostly (So much for the description, oh Long-winded Justin). But truly, if you love something, you gain better things out of it! Oh yes, I love exams and the thing is, I want to get As and all As flooding my documents in college. XD ;)

Well, everyone can do so too, its just the matter of some dash of hard work, a pinch of determination, some knowledge, some intelligence and maybe the one thing that kept me moving for quite some time, which is luck, but you only need a slice of it that's all.

Ahh, I would like to recommend all of you here who read this blog of mine about Tickle.com. Well, maybe most of you here already know what is it all about, and some might have even told me about it. It offers lots of tests that you can utilize into you life and all that is in your surroundings. I've just did the tarot card reading through Tickle and all turns out pretty well. so much for my past, present and future, satisfaction.

Well, looks like I better continue reading my notes and prepare for the exams. I need a 4.0 CGPA this semester. Really do want it. Want 4.0 CGPA! XDDDDD

That's all, all is well. Column Down.


ps: I am quite materialistic...

pps: Well, everyone is~! XDDDDD

ppps: Doing a research on precognitive receptions via dreams.
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