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19 March 2007 @ 09:18 pm
The Wired Stream  
As for tomorrow, who knows what might come upon my line of fate. The main agenda: Second appointment with my orthodontist about my braces fixation, in which would leave me for a year and a half in some reoccuring pain after each month's adjustments. I was told that I've got to get four teeth extracted~! and that is a HUGE amount for something which happen to be part of my most important asset! Oh well, as the saying goes; beauty is pain~ and that's exactly the phrase to be pasted up upon my inner spirit. I've seen friends around me with the same issue, and my all concerns were all about pain handling. >_<. Scary T_T!!..................................................!! OH KAY! I will have a great smile after all the sacrifice and I should be optimistic which is me! Re-Transform!!! Shiuuuuuuuummmm, fiuuuuuuuum, fooooomm, kyieeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh <- sound effects. I am reincinerated!!... No, Reincarnated. Haiyo, my engrish.

And so, that packs up today's blog about my current situation after those exams and a few days of holidaying around at home.

I've been pretty much into Final Fantasy X-2 again due to the fact that I am unable to complete it years ago where the PS2 was still at my bro's house in KL but yay! Get to play it again!!!

I still want to bring people especially my friends to Lily's Vegetarian Restaurant. I've got another place which is Old Frees plus some of Nicole's findings and Fiona's encounter on some pretty cheap western food!!! Fish and Chips O_O Fave!

That's all, all is well. Column down.

ps: Always in the middle and blur at most times, me! ;)
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